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Protect your brand at the conceptual stage.

What is a trademark? Generally, a trademark protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. The legal definition of a trademark is any word, phrase, symbol, or design, or a combination of these things, that identifies the source of your goods and/or services.

The federal trademark application process is full of nuances and you should obtain the advice of counsel at every stage.

You’ve worked hard to create a brand – let us help you protect it. Contact us today to create a customized trademark filing strategy and discuss pre-filing considerations.

Our Services

Clearance Searches

Find out if the brand name you are considering is available for use. Utilizing a brand without first conducting a trademark search can have costly consequences, which can include defense of a lawsuit.

Trademark Registrations

There are different types of trademarks that can be protected under a USPTO registration – words, logos, symbols, taglines, and slogans. We can help you determine the type of trademark(s) best suited to your short-term and long-term branding strategies.

Monitor & Maintain

Once you have secured your trademark registrations, we can help maintain it with the USPTO.

Brand Protection Guidelines

Company-wide brand protection and use guidelines should be created and implemented. We can assist you in creating the guidelines and useful checklists for uniform implementation.

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